2014 Art & Craft Application

Market Square Farmers’ Market: Art & Craft Application

May 3 – November 22, 2014

* Update 8/1/2014 – The MSFM is currently at capacity for artisan craft vendors. All new artisan craft applicants will be considered for the waiting list.****

General Information

The Market Square Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 9am-2pm and Wednesday from 11am-2pm.  Set up may begin two hours before opening.  Vendors are required to remain open for the entire market, or until their products sell out.  Vendors must be set up with their vehicles parked off site by the opening time.

No resale is allowed by any vendor at the Market Square Farmers’ Market. If you did not make it, grow it, or produce it, you cannot sell it at the MSFM.  Occasionally collaborative efforts may be accepted with prior approval from the MSFM.  Vendors may only sell products approved through this application.  Additional products can be added with prior approval.

All vendors will apply through Manage My Market, an online market management tool.  Click here to apply.

Below are the guidelines for art & craft vendors and the market regulations for your review.  These are also in the online applications, but this will allow you to gauge if you are eligible to be a vendor before applying.

Art & Craft Vendor Requirements

All items to sell must be made by the vendor. No crafts made from commercial kits or assembled primarily from manufactured parts will be accepted. The artisan, a family member, or an employee directly involved in the design and production of the items to be sold must be present at each market.

  1. Each art & craft applicant must submit at least 3 photos of his/her work. If more than one type of craft/body care product is to be sold (ex. you intend to sell both quilts and scarves), please include at least 2 photos of each kind of craft/body care product. Upload your photographs to your Manage My Market (MMM) profile in the “Products” section. Market staff may require more pictures, at their discretion.
    1. Under each type of product you select from the dropdown menu in your products, you can click on “add product photo(s)” to add photos of your work. Please include a description with the photos. These photos and descriptions will be viewable by customers if you choose for your profile to be public.
    2. Acceptance of new vendors will be based on the quality, originality, and venue compatibility of the work. Products made with locally grown/sourced materials will be given preference. Non-food vendor booths are limited, and vendors may be put on a waiting list. Submittal of this application does not guarantee acceptance.
    3. If no photos with descriptions are included, your application will be considered incomplete.
    4. Returning vendors: please review your MMM profiles an make any necessary changes to your list of products. Please make sure at least two photos are included for each product offered as well as detailed descriptions.
  1. Vendors may share a booth, provided each producer will attend the market. Vendors are not allowed to share or sublet booths without prior approval by the Market Director. There are two ways vendors can share booths. Please refer to the examples below:
    1. Example: Jamie’s Jewelry and Polly’s Pottery are marketing their products together as JP Design. Jamie and Polly should fill out a single application, listing and describing both vendors’ products. Jamie and Polly’s products would then have to be approved as a whole, meaning: MSFM may want Polly and her pottery to participate, but feel as though Jamie’s Jewelry doesn’t meet the MSFM quality standards. Since they applied as a whole, they would then get denied as a whole. This is the best option for vendors who will only attend together, not individually.
    2. Example: Polly’s Pottery would like to sell at the market weekly. Polly’s friend Jamie has a jewelry business and would like to share a booth once a month with Polly to sell her jewelry. Polly and Jamie would fill out separate applications and would need to specify that they would like to share a booth. Jamie and Polly would be approved/denied separately, meaning: Polly may be approved, but Jamie may be put on the waiting list or denied.
  1. Eligibility of products: A guide for commonly asked questions. This guide is not intended as an exhaustive list of all products that would/would not be acceptable.
    1. Services: Vendors must provide a tangible product. Services such as massage, nutrition consulting, face painting or any business promotion booths are not eligible. The market does reserve one space/week for non-profit booths that are available for promotion of a non-profit organization. Please email knoxfarmersmarket@gmail.com for information about these spaces.
    2. Books: Books and book signings are allowed, providing the author is present. Books will be limited to food, cooking, or gardening books. Fiction will not be accepted. It may be more appropriate to arrange a special event rather than participating as a vendor. For more information regarding arranging a special event, please contact the City of Knoxville’s Director of Special Events, Judith Foltz: jfoltz@cityofknoxville.org or (865) 215-2024.
    3. Molds: Commercial molds are not allowed in the making of any products. Molds must be the original design of the vendor.
    4. Reproductions: Commercially manufactured reproductions of original art are limited to prints (lithographs, silk screening, etc.) of the original piece. Commercially manufactured shirts, mugs, etc., printed with the original piece are not permitted.
    5. Music: Musicians can sell their commercially recorded music; but musicians intending to preform are not eligible as market vendors. Musicians can perform as buskers throughout the market. Please contact knoxfarmersmarket@gmail.com for more details regarding busking policy.
    6. Plants & Flowers: Living plants are sold at market as an Agriculture/Greenhouse product and must be grown by the vendor; this includes terrariums. Fresh and dried flower arrangements/wreaths fall into the same category; vendors must grow as well as dry all flowers, filler and greenery within the arrangement. Please refer to our Agriculture/Greenhouse Requirements document for more information. Commercially dried flower arrangements/wreaths are not acceptable. Arrangements consisting of commercially made artificial flowers are not acceptable.
    7. Hats/Clothing: Commercially made and purchased clothes must be extensively embroidered, dyed, or printed by the vendor. The affixing of commercially made items, such as ribbon, beads, or appliqués is not acceptable. Clothing made from purchased commercial fabric is acceptable. Upcycling, or recycling garments by extensively changing them, is acceptable.
  1. Market staff may approve some but not all products you apply with via MMM. Any vendor found selling products not approved by market staff will be asked to remove the product from their booth and be subject to an infraction. For more information regarding the market’s infraction policy, please refer to the Market Rules and Regulations, which can be found within your MMM account. Please be sure to keep your MMM profile up to date with what you are currently selling.
    1. Vendors can remove products from their MMM profile at any time.
    2. Interested in adding a new product mid-season? Please add it to your MMM profile as well as two photos of the new product. Do not bring a product to market before it has been approved via MMM. Approval/denial of new product will arrive via email.
  1. Rates: Each 10’ x 10’ booth space is $30.00/Saturday and $15.00/Wednesday. Booth fees are due one week in advance of each market. A non-refundable $30.00 annual membership fee will be due upon acceptance. If waitlisted, a $30.00 processing fee will be due in order to remain on the waitlist and receive updates about potential market openings. Payments can be made via check or cash to Nourish Knoxville PO Box 2422 Knoxville, TN 37901 or via PayPal through your MMM account.

Market Rules and Regulations

    1. Vendors are encouraged to reserve their spaces early via MSFM’s online application. Preference will be given based on seniority and diversity of product.
    2. Upon acceptance to the market, MSFM will assign vendors a booth space of 10’ x 10’. Vendors may reserve up to two booths for a maximum 10’ x 20’ space.
      1. MSFM reserves the right to limit the amount of booth spaces vendors receive.
      2. Exceptions to the two-booth maximum exist for prepared food and agriculture vendors only, when space is available.
    3. Vendors are not allowed to use more than the allotted booth space. This includes placing signage in aisles and displays outside the 10’ x 10’ area. The Market Manager and volunteers have the right to ask for signage/displays to be rearranged if they are blocking another vendor or traffic flow.
    4. Agriculture vendors may reserve a vehicle space within the market. Vehicle spaces are limited and will be assigned based on demonstrated need and seniority.
    5. Booth assignments can be found each week via our interactive map in your Manage My Market (MMM) online account as well as through our website: http://marketsquarefarmersmarket.org/find-a-vendor/interactive-map/
    1. Set up may begin two hours before opening. Any vendor who arrives before our street closure begins will be subject to an infraction.
      1. Saturday – Set up may begin at 7:00 a.m., Wednesday – Set up may begin at 9:00 a.m.
      2. All vendors are expected to be open and ready for business by market opening. Tardy vendors will be subject to an infraction.
    2. Vendors are required to remain open for the entire market (9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays) or until their products sell out.
      1. No driving will take place within the market during operating hours.
      2. Vendors who sell out may leave their booths and return to break down at market close, or may tear down and carry their product and equipment to the market perimeter to load. A cart will be available at the MSFM information booth upon request.
    3. The vendor must provide all necessary equipment and displays. The market will not provide extension cords, signs, chairs, tables, tablecloths, scales, display containers tents or weights.
    4. All canopies, tents, umbrellas and all other forms of booth covering should be securely anchored at every market from the moment the canopy is erected until the moment immediately before the canopy is taken down. Any vendor found without sufficient weight will be required to take down their tent/umbrella.
      1. Tie-downs attached to vehicles will not suffice. No tie-downs shall be attached to city property; this includes benches, planters, fencing, street signs, etc.
      2. Vendors whose tents or umbrellas lift off the ground will be asked to take down their canopy, charged a $100.00 fine, and will be subject to an infraction.
    5. Vendors are strongly encouraged to use signage at their booth listing the name of their business and their contact information. No signage or pamphlets are allowed to promote activities outside MSFM without prior approval.
    6. Each vendor is responsible for maintaining his/her area in a clean, neat manner throughout the day and cleaning the area before departing. This means picking up all debris from craft demonstrations, paper, cigarettes, customer’s trash, etc.
    7. Access to electricity is not available at every booth. If you need electricity, indicate this on the application. Extension cords will be required and may not be stretched across walkways.
    8. Tear down begins promptly at market close. All vendors must exit MSFM before 3:30 p.m.
      1. Vendors should be completely packed and ready to load their vehicles before retrieving his/her vehicle from the garages.
      2. Any vendor found running errands, dining, shopping, etc. while their vehicle still remains parked within the market will be subject to an infraction.
    9. Detailed guidelines regarding set up and tear down will be sent to vendors upon acceptance to the market.
    1. Vendors should abide by all city, county, state and federal regulations that govern sampling, production, labeling, and safety of every product offered for sale at MSFM. This includes responsibility for certifying and annually calibrating any scales.
    2. Vendors are responsible for carrying their own liability insurance for product in the amount they deem appropriate. The MSFM carries event liability insurance for the market, but does not cover individual vendors.
    3. Vendors assume all responsibility for any losses of property or money from the market site. Booths should never be left unattended. There will be a KPD officer on site at each Saturday market. If you see suspicious activity, please contact the Market Director or a police officer.
    4. Prohibited at the MSFM:
      1. Vendors are not allowed to bring animals of any kind, including dogs.
      2. No outside amplified music is allowed.
      3. Vendors are not allowed to give away food other than approved samples of a their product. No commercially manufactured candy or other foods should be given away at booths.
      4. In the interest of the health and cleanliness of the market, smoking and the use of tobacco products is not allowed in or around vendor stalls.
    5. Professional conduct is expected. Any yelling, swearing or threatening customers, vendors or staff will not be tolerated. This includes in person or by electronic media. This type of behavior will result in expulsion from the market.
    1. All products must be grown, produced or prepared by the vendor. The MSFM has a zero tolerance policy concerning resale. Any vendor found selling anything he/she did not make will be banned from the market for the remainder of the season. The Market Director has the authority to prohibit the sale of any product that does not conform to MSFM standards.
    2. MSFM supports local and sustainable products. Preference will be given towards applicants who source ingredients/items locally. We do not condone the use of threatened or endangered materials.
    3. Vendors may only sell those products applied for and approved on their MMM application. Products may be added at a later date via MMM, but may not be sold until the Market staff has approved them. Any vendor found with unapproved product will be asked to remove it from their booths and will be subject to an infraction.
    4. MSFM strives to be as environmentally responsible as possible, and therefore does not allow the use of Styrofoam packaging. The MSFM strongly recommends using recyclable or compostable materials for all packaging. Recycling bins are available at each market.
    5. In accordance with health department regulations, all food should be displayed off the ground. This includes baskets of produce and coolers containing food to sell.
    6. The MSFM does not allow the sale of: potentially dangerous foods, alcohol or tobacco products.
    7. Vendors must clearly post prices on all products being sold. Vendors are responsible for all their own applicable sales tax. Pricing of goods sold is the sole responsibility of the vendor. Dishonest merchandising or collusion to set prices among vendors may be grounds for forfeiture of participating in the market.
    8. Detailed requirements regarding agriculture products, prepared food products, and craft products can be found in your MMM online account.
    1. Booth fees are due one week in advance of each market. Any vendor failing to pay a week in advance will forfeit their assigned booth space.
    2. A non-refundable $30.00 application fee is due upon acceptance to the market.
    3. Vendors placed on the waiting list are required to pay the $30.00 application fee to remain on the waiting list for the market season.
    1. MSFM is held rain or shine. Cancellations must be made one week in advance of market to request a refund.
    2. Nourish Knoxville understands that emergencies do happen and will be considerate to any last minute emergencies, but will not tolerate abuse of this policy.
    3. Vendors that participate in the majority of markets will be given permanent spaces, and vendors that do not participate regularly will be assigned to different spaces as they are available. Vendors must attend 80% of their selected dates. Vendors who fail to do so will forfeit their permanent booth space and will be assigned a temporary booth space weekly. Vendors who drop below a 60% attendance rate will be placed on the waiting list.
    1. All vendors participating in the market are required to accept market money. Market money is the green token system used within the market. Wooden tokens are printed with green markings, denoting a $5.00 amount.
    2. Only eligible vendors are allowed to accept EBT tokens. EBT is the red token system used within the market. Wooden tokens are printed with red markings, denoting both $1.00 and $0.50 amounts. Remember, green means “go”, red means “stop”.
      1. EBT tokens can only be used for food items not to be consumed on site and for food producing plants. This means no food truck or craft vendor should take red tokens. EBT cannot be used for hot foods, beverages, or non-food products.
      2. If you are not eligible to accept EBT tokens but take some in by mistake, Nourish Knoxville will not be able to reimburse you for the EBT token amount.
    3. Additional information for Market Money & EBT can be found within your MMM profile.
    4. Vendors may accept any additional forms of payment (cash, check, credit/debit card) they would like, along with market money.
    1. Transients: Please do not give money or accept help during set up or break down by someone other than market staff, volunteers or vendors. We have had issues in the past with transients assisting vendors in exchange for money. While the decision to give money is ultimately up to you, the policy of the MSFM is not to give money or food to panhandlers. We feel this is in the best interest of our vendors and our customers, and also allows you to cite the policy of the MSFM to anyone asking for money.
    2. Solicitation: Advertising for other events or businesses during the market is not allowed without prior approval of the Market Director. This includes anyone not associated with the MSFM passing out flyers to vendors and/or customers. Please alert the market staff to any problems with persons visiting the market to solicit so that we may assess and deal with the situation.
  1. COMPLAINTS: All complaints must be submitted in writing, signed, and given to the MSFM Market Director. Unsigned complaints will not be addressed. Complaints should be specific in nature. Allegations of resale by another vendor will be taken seriously and investigated through business/farm/studio inspection and questions regarding the manner in which the product is produced.
    1. Any vendor found in violation of Nourish Knoxville’s Rules and Regulations, as stated above, which includes but is not limited to: No shows, use of Styrofoam containers, speeding within the market, no tent/canopy weights, selling products not included in your MMM profile or approved by Nourish Knoxville, improper product sampling, etc., will be subject to the following disciplinary process:
      1. 1st violation – Oral notification from the Market Director or his/her staff.
      2. 2nd violation – Written notification from the Market Director or his/her staff.
      3. 3rd violation – Written notification and a $20.00 fine.
      4. 4th violation – Written notification, $20.00 fine, and expulsion from vendors next scheduled market.
    2. All outstanding fees must be paid before a vendor may return to market.

Enforcement of these rules and regulations is the responsibility of the Market Director and MSFM staff. Vendors should report any suspected offenses to the Market Director.

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